La Quinta Equity Group

Equity Funds

Equity Participation Capital

Made available to investments in promising firms or projects with a greater risk of loss than what is normally acceptable to traditional lending institutions providing debt capital. Equity Capital can fill a vital role in the growth of a company or specific project by sophisticated investors who seek high returns, large profit margins, for the risks taken.

Equity Capital Investors are highly sophisticated and will require a thorough business plan with realistic expectations and solid financial projections. The business or projects should have competent management within the business or project without the use of outside contracted management expertise, who could walk away from the project or management contract.

Equity participant investors may/will require either an active over-site in the company or management as a condition of investment, or the ability to replace management in the future, if needed. Usually these negotiated arrangements are dependent
upon the capital ratio between what the sponsor is willing to provide when compared to the Equity Investor participation.

Examples of attractive investment projects are high growth potential, a defined market niche, patent pending, or an advantage over competitors. The project/service should offer:
  • A revolutionary idea,
  • Evolutionary, in version or scope
  • Either a better or lower cost substitute product
  • A project or business in need of capital where debt financing has or will fall short of the total capital need. At ("LEG") we provide structured capital arrangements using packaged combinations of Debt--Equity--Mezzanine,or asset based combinations.
    Note Worthy: Currently Equity Participants have shown strong interest in GREEN technology and sustainable projects.